Selected Portfolio

Prior Design Widebody Nissan GT-R - AutoTrader


 Jake Embleton's Stealth was used in Auto Traders video about the Nissan GT-R's widebody kit.

Total Infection Ep.2 - Hunkbug Productions

Total Infection Ep.2 by Hunkbug productions is a Stopmotion film about a Zombie outbreak. 




Noir - Student Film Re-score

Noir tells the story of ‘Red’ surviving a Zombie Apocalypse with the memories of her brother ‘Dorian’ as her only company. On a deeper level Noir explores the process of losing someone as we watch Red’s journey reveal how she comes to terms with the death of her brother. 


In this scene Red has finally accepted the death of her brother and we can hear Dorian’s theme played on the Piano. This time the theme ends closed to signify the closer coming from Red accepting the death of her brother. 


Mission Accomplished - Hunkbug Productions

Mission Accomplished by Hunkbug productions is a Claymation film. This film features the track Stealth.

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