Welcome to the official site of UK based composer Jake Embleton, who specialises in composing and arranging bespoke music for film, video games and trailer projects.


If you are in need of a composer for your project or would like some help with expanding a musical idea, then Jake can work with you to create a definitive score for your project.



New Releases

Checkout New Releases From Jake Embleton

Nightmare Horror Music

Available: Unity Assest Store

A collection of ambient Horror drones that can give your project that Nightmare sound it needs.

BloodRune:RPG Music

Available: Unity Assest Store

Created with a full video game soundtrack in mind Blood Rune: RPG Music is a must have music asset for any Fantasy / Adventure / RPG game.

Stealth Theme Music

Available: Unity Asset Store

Created to give developers a free alternative to an Action/ Stealth style Main Menu theme.


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